Guidelines for Authors

National Insurance Academy, Pune invites original Articles / Research Papers / Case Study and Essays / abridged Thesis for publishing in its journal, BimaQuest in the following areas:

  •  Insurance, Pension and Social Security
  •  Economics of Insurance, Pension and Social Security
  •  Marketing and Consumer Behavior
  •  Human Resources and Organizational Development
  •  Finance and Investment
  •  Information Technology
  •  Risk Management
  •  Financial Awareness and Literacy

We also invite reviews of books that are yet to be published or published within a year of the date of BimaQuest publication. Manuscripts based on conceptual ideas, policy research as well as new ideas are also considered

Submissions can be made throughout the year and entries received before 15th of March, July and November will be considered for review for the ensuing issue of BimaQuest. Manuscripts received for publication in Bimaquest will undergo a preliminary editorial review and then sent for blind peer review before shortlisting for publication by the Editorial Board.

All published work should be acknowledged and references given. The author is responsible for obtaining written permission of any copyrighted material included in the submissions. Author(s) remain solely responsible for the accuracy of all material (notwithstanding any scrutiny and any alterations made) provided and views expressed. Submissions should not have been copyrighted or sent for possible publication anywhere else at the same time of submitting to the BimaQuest. If the paper is accepted for publication, the author(s) is / are required to sign a copyright declaration, thereby transferring copyright to the Publisher, viz., National Insurance Academy, Pune.

The style should be reasonably formal, clear and understandable. The submissions for publication should be in the following format:

  •  Title of article, Name(s) of author(s), designation, and contact details (phone numbers email id, and postal address) of all / corresponding author to be given in the   first (separate) page of the article.
  •  Title of article in font size 14 with initial letter of each word in capital e.g. ‘Trends in Indian Bond Market’
  •  Abstract of about 100 words be given in the beginning of the article in Italics. It should give the main objectives and conclusions of the paper.
  •  At least 5 Keywords are to be included at the end of the abstract e.g. ‘Insurance, Distribution, Pricing, Solvency, Persistency’
  •  All pages of article be serially numbered.
  •  Diagrams, Tables and Charts:
    •  be serially numbered
    •  have a heading or caption
    • the source be quoted wherever applicable
    • be prepared using two colors only
  •  All diagrams and figures should be submitted as separate files in jpeg, gif, tif format; tables are to be provided with XLS format. (even if they are embedded in the main text)

  We recommend restricting the text size to:

    •  Articles 5000 words
    •  Research Papers 10000 words
    •  Essays / Abridged Thesis 15,000 words
    • Book Reviews 1500 words 
  • We advocate formatting:
    •  the text in MS Word, Times New Roman with the font size of 11
    •  Headings with font size of 14 and Sub- Headings with font size of 12 
  • Full References and citations be given at the end of the article as per the APA style (For details: Blue book citation format is to be followed for legal articles ( 
    In case of URLs, the access date should be mentioned.
  •  References in the text should be in the form: Author’s Name (Year) e.g. ‘Rajkumar and Kannan (2014)’
  •  Appendices / Annexures: This should be placed after the references.

Submissions in electronic form are to be sent to 

Permission for the reprint / reproduction of copyrighted material of NIA may be taken by writing to the Editor of BimaQuest. The request / reprint permission request received from authors will be with the approval of the Advisory Board and with the acknowledgement of the original publication.


Sample Article

Copyright Assignment Agreement

All correspondence should be addressed to:

The Editor, BimaQuest (