Concept of Liability and Details of Product Liability Cover

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Anabil Bhattacharya


Liability Insurance is a very vast and important subject. Prima facie, it is felt that since it is a legal liability, it is the easiest form of insurance to tackle. But this relation with the law itself has brought into picture the various complexities involved in Liability Insurance. Liability Insurance in India is gaining a lot of importance due to globalization and the increasing legal awareness of the people. In the Indian market, earlier, we were familiar with Workmen’s Compensation Liability, Public Liability (Industrial and Non-Industrial) Professional Indemnity and Product Liability. The recent developments have brought others, like  Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance, Commercial General Liability, Errors and Omissions, Clinical Trials - with the latest entrant being ‘Building Promoter’s Liability Policy’ - all these becoming very common and popular forms of insurance covers being availed worldwide. Detailed discussions are made to study the various facets of Product Liability Insurance Covers available in current era of non-life market.

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